One of the newest spring trends on the market is mermaid hair. This style of completely dying your hair a few different bold colors is oh so popular. Some girls choose to put all of the colors of the rainbow in their hair, some go with the lighter pastel versions of the classic colors, and others opt for cool tones of blue and purple hues. No matter which tones and colors you choose, dying your long tousled hair into an array of spring colors is sure to turn heads. If you are feeling bold this season, ask one of our professional hair stylists about trying mermaid hair for yourself.

What If My Hair Isn’t Long Enough?

Our hair stylists can dye your hair in true mermaid colored fashion regardless of length, but we do understand that part of why it is so mermaid esk is because of the length and waves. If you want to have long and wavy orchid and navy hair, the expert hair stylists at The Hair Company of Nashua can absolutely turn your hair dreams into a reality. We will first apply hair extensions to get your hair to the desired length. Once your hair is long enough to make you genuinely feel like a mermaid, we will dye your hair into the bold rainbow colors of your choice.

Get the trendiest mermaid hair around with perfectly blended, bold color, and brilliant beachy waves with the help of amazing hair stylists at The Hair Company of Nashua.

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