Yoga is one of the useful exercises that many people choose to practice today. Yoga exercises to rejuvenate the face are not only good for health and spirit, but also help the practitioner to maintain a balanced face and improve youthful beauty.

4 effective face rejuvenation yoga

Step 1: Rejuvenate the forehead

This exercise helps prevent and eliminate wrinkles around the forehead by relaxing the forehead combined with acupressure to effectively eliminate stress.


  • With the first face rejuvenation yoga, put your hands into a fist and place it on the middle of your forehead.
  • Then, slowly stroke from the center of the forehead to the sides of the temple.
  • Continue to perform this same movement for about 2 minutes is complete.

Step 2: Anti sagging cheeks

For yoga rejuvenation, this face will help stretch the jaw muscles to prevent wrinkles from the corners of the mouth when smiling and wrinkles under the eyes and cheekbones.


  • Let’s first stand up straight, put our hands on the temples.
  • Next, he put his lips into an O shape and pulled his temples slightly upwards.
  • Doing this like about 10 – 15 beats is completed.

Step 3: Reduce chin chin

This face rejuvenation yoga works to prevent sagging of the chin and neck skin. Especially effective for those who have a lot of excess fat in the chin area, double chin effectively.


  • First, stand up straight with your hands close to your feet. 
  • Then, tighten your mouth and puck your lips while looking to the left. 
  • You continue to do the same thing just now with the view to the right.

Step 4: Stretch the skin


  • For this face rejuvenation yoga, stand tall, put your index and middle fingers of your left hand on your right temple. 
  • Next, use the force to tilt your head to the left. 
  • Do this alternately about 10 – 15 beats to complete.

Practicing yoga rejuvenating the face every day is a good job that we should maintain and promote. Yoga has long been known to bring many benefits that not only help rejuvenate the face but also help the practitioner have a youthful spirit, improved health, slim body and more balanced.

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