What is skin detox?

Detox skin is known as a method to clean, purify the toxins that exist on the skin and nourish the skin from deep within.

After detoxing the skin, it will be easy to absorb the necessary nutrients to become smooth, firm. Besides this method also supports safe and effective skin protection.

Therefore, detox for skin is being researched and applied by girls day and night to have a smooth white skin like baby skin.

Detox skin is usually bundled into 4 basic steps:

Step 1: Clean and balance skin

You should choose a mask that can remove dirt from deep within the pores. Cleansing the surface of the skin helps the detox process to be most effective such as detox masks, clay masks, charcoal masks, …

Step 2: Sauna for the skin

In the process of detoxifying the skin, steam is a process of softening the skin and helps to eliminate impurities easily. Allow the skin in the best state to go into the next step of the detox process. The warm steam causes the pores to expand, which effectively removes dirt. At the same time, “open the door” welcomes the nutrients going deep into helping to nourish the skin.

Step 3: Apply a mask to the skin

One of the most important steps in the skin detox process is to apply a mask. Masking divides into two different purposes. One can help you remove sebum while clearing the pores of dirt. Others to provide moisture as well as essential nutrients for your skin. Depending on the needs and skin condition, you should choose the appropriate mask

Step 4: Skincare completes the detox process

In this step, you can choose moisturizing products or masks depending on the needs of the skin. Such as mask to lighten the skin, the face provides moisture, wrinkle reduction mask, …

Detox skin is a simple process that is easy to do at home.

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